We did a poll with our members to see how many days of the week they did a strength focused class. The majority said only once a week. While we love the effort, how about upping that number to three times a week!?!

Think of strength training as your main course of your workouts and incorporate cardio in as a side dish. Here’s the recipe- blending your weekly workouts like this; Girls Got Core on Monday, Hellz Bellez on Tuesday, TTB Core on Wednesday/Saturday and Girls Got Rhythm on Thursday/Saturday.  The majority of your classes are strength focused with one to two days of cardio.


Why are we pushing strength training so much? The list of benefits is endless! To name a few:

1. Build bone density and muscle mass to prevent injury & osteoporosis

2. Increase your quality of sleep

3. Relieve pain, improve posture & balance

4. Helps to treat weak pelvic floor (great for all you mama’s out there)

5. Heart health

6.Self confidence. “I can lift that on my own”, cause women are strong and women can do anything, right?!?


Now get to booking your next strength focused class with us!