Have you ever heard someone say “Tomorrow is my recovery day” and wondered what the hell do they mean?!? TTB is here to break down what a recovery day is and how you can create the best one for yourself.

So what is a recovery day anyway? Taking a recovery day means taking an intentional day “off” of intense activites to allow your muscles to rebuild and repair after your workouts. Muscles are developed during the repair phase. When you rest, your muscles will start to heal and grow back stronger. Recovery and rest are just as important as your workouts! 

 Benefits of a recovery day include; reduced inflammation and muscle fatigue, greater fitness gains, reduced discomfort from delayed onset muscle soreness (that soreness you feel two days after a good workout). 

What does a recovery day look like? A recovery day is different than a rest day because you still want to incorporate movement when a rest day is a complete day off of movement. Recovery activities include; going for a walk, nourishing your body with good food, stretching, yoga, taking your dog to the park. Find a fun, low impact activity that you enjoy! 

When should you take an active recovery day? Plan to take one in-between your tougher workouts. If you’re pushing hard Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, make Wednesday your recovery day.

The most important thing is to listen to your body; learn when to push and when to rest. Rest and recovery will help with longevity and injury prevention so you can continue to do the workouts you love!