Stay Consistent During Summer Months


Summetime, especially in Chicago, can make you feel like you need to take advantage of every nice day. It’s an easy time to lose consistency in your workouts so we came up with a few tips to keep you on track with your workouts during those summer months.


1. Stick with a schedule: workout the same day each week so you know the days you’re booked with a sweaty workout. If you typically workout 5 days a week, maybe in the summer you go down to 3-4 days a week. Having a schedule builds a habit and creates less temptation to skip a workout.

2. Devote weekdays to your workouts and take the weekend off for summer fun and adventures.

3. Hydrate!! The temps are steamy, make sure to up your hydration. There’s nothing worse than feeling run down and lethargic during your workout due to lack of hydration. Fill up that waterbottle and drink up!

4. Incorporate outdoor activities: you can take your workout outside, join a volleyball team, walk the lakeside. All of these are wellness focused activities that are also outside, so it’s a win-win. You’re outside enjoying the summer while still keeping your workout consistency!