Welcome to our Little Bellez Children's Dance program!

Little Bellez is Through the Body’s children dance program, providing dance & creative movement to the West Town, UK Village neighborhood. The next 8 week session of dance classes will begin the week of March 15th, enrollment opens March 1st. To register, email info@throughthebody.com or call 773-630-5883

Enroll your little dancer in 8 weeks of classes featuring technique, creative games, and a dance routine for only $185!


Pre Ballet

Ages 3-4

March 21-May 16

Sunday 11-1145 am

Sunday 12-12:45 pm

Introductory ballet technique mixed with creative movement that is great for beginners! Students will dance and learn through creative songs and games while they learn to plie and releve.

Taught by Mrs. Stephanie


Little Bellez

Ages 4-5

March 21-May 16

Sunday 10-10:45 am

Students will learn introductory ballet techniqe and ballet terminology. Class will still include creative movement games, but focus more on ballet technique including turns and leaps. Over the 8 weeks, dancers will learn a short dance to be perfomed during the last class.

Taught by Mrs. Stephanie


Ballet 1

Ages 6-8

March 16-May 11

Tuesday 4:30-5:15 pm

Students will focus on ballet technique & terminology. Ballet combinations using the barre and traveling across the floor will be covered in additon to creating a dance to be performed on the last class of the session. Students must have taken a ballet clss prior to joining this class.

Taught by Mrs. Stephanie


Hip Hop

Ages 6-8

March 20-May 15

Saturday 12:15-1 pm

Basic hip hop technique that inspired students to show their personality. Class will cover movements in the center of the room and traveling across the floor. Students will also build a hip hop routine that will be performed on the last class of the session.

Taught by Mrs. Stephanie



Ages 8-10

March 20-May 15

Saturday 11:15 am-12 pm

Introductory jazz technique & terminology. Jazz is a dance style that allows students to have fun while being sassy. With that in mind, individuality and personality are encouraged! Over this 8 week period, students will also learn a jazz routine that will be performed during the last class.

Taught by Miss Katie